Admission Enquiry
  1. Every student must complete 75% of School attendance to appear in the Annual Examination.
  2. No leave application is entertained if not properly andorsed by the authorized guardian.

Morning Assembly: It is compulsory for every student to attend the Morning Assembly without fail, if any student has got any Physical problem, he/she must obtain exemption from the Assembly Incharge.


Note to parents:

1. The parents may meet the staff & discuss the performance of the child after each Teminal Examination on Result Day.
Please acknowledge prompty all School circulars regarding fees, programmes, parent-teacher meet, fine, etc. and comply with instructions contained in these circulars and letters.
Please do not ask for leave of absence for students during terminals and Semesters except incase of emergency.
Please send your ward strictly according to the School Hours and check that he is always in proper school uniform.
Please send sufficient and nutritious food in the lunch box for your ward.
Please note that the school telephone is only for official use. No student will be allowed to make or receive personal calls except in case of an emergency.
Please attend Parent Teacher Meet whenever held and also on the day and date if called by the School.
Please fix an appointment before you come to School to meet the teachers in connection with your ward.
Please pay personal attention to the Health and Hygiene of your ward.
Ensure that the student is not in possession of valuable articles, suc as gold chains, rings, expensive watches and mobile, etc.
Make a strict study schedule for the child at home with congenial, peaceful, quiet atmosphere and an occasional silent supervision.
The Report Card must be returned to the School after due signatures on the next working day from the date of its issue.

Special Instructions to the Students

All students are hereby advised to note the following:

 1. Any writing on the walls or the black boards by students is strictly prohibited including in the toilets in the School compound.
Climbing the trees, breaking the branches and damaging the plants is a serious offence.
Breaking of the water taps and window glasses, furniture or any other school property invites heavy fine.
No one should meddle with electrical connections, plug points, etc.
All students should speak English while they are in School premises wheater in class or out side or at play.
Throwing away the left over of the lunch at places other than the dustbins provided should be avoided.
Prescribed uniform should be worm by the pupils, regularly. Otherwise they may be sent home.
Playing in verandas or classrooms should be avoided.
No student will be allowed to leave classroom for water during the teaching period.
Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, neglect of homework, disobendience and disrespect towards members of the School staff or bad moral influence justify dismissal.
Fans and lights should be turned off before leaving the classrooms.
All students are required to be regular for attendance.
Students should observe polite standards wherever they go. They should always remember that the school is judged by their conduct.
Cycles must be locked and kept in the space provided within the School compound.
Students are often judged not only by their scholastic ability but also by their classroom behaviour.
Change of Address or Telephone number is to be communicated in writing to the School at the earliest.



Thought of the day

❝ I was blessed with certain gifts and talents and God gave them to me to be the best person I can be and to have a positive impact on other people ❞


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